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Federal Gas Tax Funding for Road Construction Project


The Highways Department is pleased to report that they have been approved to receive funds through the Federal Gas Tax Funding program.  The following road reconstruction projects will be undertaken in 2016:

Bruce Road 6EastF, Bruce Road 28 to Bruce Road 12

Bruce Road 33, Sideroad E/F to Bruce Saugeen Boundary

Bruce Road 33, Lake Range Road to Bruce Road 25

Bruce Road 40, Sideroad 20 Elderslie to Bruce Road 3

Bruce Road 40, Sideroad 28/29 to Bruce Road 12

Please check out the list of roads/bridge construction and road resurfacing projects that have been undertaken over the years with the financial support of the Federal Gas Tax Fund.

2016 Gas Tax Allocation Map

For more information on Canada' Economic Action Plan visit www.gastaxatwork.ca