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Bruce Coast Lighthouse Tours Website Launch

When you think of Bruce County, what do you think of? Beaches, The Grotto, Pumpkinfest, or Lighthouses.  Bruce County Tourism and Bruce County Web/IT launched their new Bruce Coast Lighthouse Tour website! www.brucecoastlighthouses.com

 The Bruce Coast Lighthouse Tour gives visitors an opportunity to explore the rich history of 13 different lighthouses, all over 100 years old, that line the shores of Bruce County.  Vicki Ly, Project Coordinator with Bruce County Tourism finds, “What’s unique about 4 of these lighthouses is that they are designed and built in the Imperial Tower style, which is a style rarely seen in Canada.”  For the lighthouse lover, the tour provides a glimpse into the life of the lighthouse keeper, an experience backed by folklore, stories, artifacts and mystery. The majority of lighthouses in the tour are open from late spring to fall.

The theme we have chosen for the website is “Rich History.” Rick Aitken, Bruce County Web Specialist feels “This theme centers around the over hundred years of history, stories and folklore that contribute to the experience of each lighthouse.”  When visitors learn about the lives of the lighthouse keepers and their families, the tales of boats at sea, view artifacts, and climb up the lighthouse stairs, they feel connected to a historic experience. They feel a sense of wonder, curiosity, and appreciation for a time period very different than today. We have chosen this theme to also compliment our primary target audience - those that will be most interested in this historic experience.

Bruce County Tourism new website and updated brochure will WOW our visitors.


For more information, contact:

Vicki Ly
Project Coordinator

1-800-268-3838 ext. 122

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