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Bruce County Economic Development Grants

The Explore the Bruce and Spruce the Bruce grants are now closed for 2017! Business to Bruce grants are still available for 2017!

Business to Bruce grants are still open and ready for you to apply to for 2017. The Explore the Bruce and Spruce the Bruce grants have been given out and we should start seeing the improvements throughout Bruce County happening soon! We will be back next year - around March 1st, for those who missed out this year. 

New! We are offering some new Economic Development Grants within our three programs:

1. Business to Bruce Grants (to support business development) 
2. Spruce the Bruce Grants (to support community development) (Closed for 2017)
3. Explore the Bruce Grant (to support marketing and promotions) (Closed for 2017)




Business Development

Community Development

Marketing and Promotions


  • Community Business Readiness
  • Starter Company Plus


  • Community Signage
  • Streetscapes
  • Façade Improvement
  • Storefront Signage
  • Destination Infrastructure



  • Collaborative Marketing
  • Regional Marketing










See below for more information on our Economic Development Grants:

Business to Bruce Grants

Community Business Readiness Grant: to help communities develop the tools and resources for business attraction and expansion, developing targeted recruitment and enhancement strategy, marketing material for the community. In order to be eligible for this grant, communities have to make a financial commitment of $15,000 and have at least one Business Ambassador to participate in the Business to Bruce program.

Starter Company Plus: In partnership with the Province of Ontario, we are here to help entrepreneurs launch their new business or expand an existing business. Business skills training along with mentorship are offered free of cost to Starter Company Plus program participants. Two intake periods will be facilitated per year for the Starter Company Plus program, one in the spring and one in the fall. (more information coming soon) 

Spruce the Bruce Grants (Closed for 2017)

Community Signage: Gateways, interpretive plaques, kiosks within the downtown.

Streetscapes: Street / seasonal lights, benches, waste bins, bike racks, banners, etc.

Façade Improvement & Sidewalk Patios: Exterior storefront improvements that are in line with a community’s identity and further strengthen its brand.

Storefront Signage: Perpendicular signs and awnings where local by-laws permit them.

Destination Infrastructure: Capital improvements to core visitor attractions that improve visitor experience. Although downtown locations are preferred, this grant may include locations outside of the downtown.

Design Services are available to help applicants turn their ideas into great proposals. These services are available in advance of an application; please contact the Bruce County Economic Development Team well before the application deadlines. Grant application deadlines are the last day of each month.

Explore the Bruce Grants (Closed for 2017)

Collaborative Marketing: The Community Destination Grant encourages downtown businesses to partner together in promotional activities, for example to provide a package offering. The Attractions Marketing Grant supports non-gated public attractions (i.e. Bruce Trail, Saugeen River) and supports improvements to marketing materials for advertising, mapping and promotion of these attractions.

Regional Marketing: This grant is given to associations, organizations and/or regional groups promoting the ‘Best of’ Activities, Experiences and Destinations in Bruce County by developing printed collateral pieces. 

Bruce County is well poised to do great things in 2017 and beyond.  We are excited to collaborate with you and to help your communities and business succeed.

Give us a call, let’s roll up our sleeves and “Get’er Done!”

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Call us now at 1 (800) 268-3838 or email STB@Brucecounty.on.ca to talk about your project. 

Check out a diagram describing the typical "Facade" components on a building. Click the image to view it larger 

Note: Applications need to be in the eligible Downtown Areas in order to be considered for funding (see Policies & Maps section).  Each grant has eligibility criteria in which participating municipalities, downtown stakeholders and business owners must meet in order to be awarded the grant.