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Policies and Maps

Organization is the essential starting point for any  downtown improvement program.  It establishes consensus and cooperation by building partnerships among the various groups that have a stake in the downtown. By getting everyone working towards the same goal, the revitalization program will provide effective, ongoing management and advocacy for the downtown.

Design has not been high on the priority list for many of our communities; as a result, some of the general recommendations of the Spruce the Bruce program, and the local priorities generated by the municipalities through their community assessment may not be supported under current by-laws and plans.  So the STB team is here to help!

In addition, in order to focus the program, each Municipality needs to designate the program area for Spruce the Bruce.  To be eligible for the Spruce the Bruce Grant Programs, your project/ business must  be located within the designated downtown areas as decided by each municipality.

Is your business outside the designated downtown area? Don't fret.  Be sure to check out our alternative funding page to find additional opportunities available