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How to be a Delegation

There are times when a citizen or a group of citizens may wish to express an opinion on an issue. Delegations are encouraged to address their concerns to either the Committee which is responsible for a particular issue or to County Council. To request a delegation to County Council or if you are unsure of where to direct your request, please provide your written request addressed to the Director of Corporate Services or Chief Administrative Officer. You may submit your request by:

  1. Mail to 30 Park Street, PO Box 70, Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0;
  2. Fax (519) 881-1619; or by
  3. Email: bcobean@brucecounty.on.ca or kcoulter@brucecounty.on.ca

In order to ensure that delegations are listed on agendas, all requests for delegation status must be received by the appropriate County staff not less than 5 business days prior to the meeting date of the Committee or Council. The request must include the name(s) of the speakers and the subject matter to be discussed. If written documentation is to be submitted, staff will advise of the appropriate number of copies to be provided. Delegations are limited to 10 minutes.

The listing below outlines the name and contact information for Committee delegation requests:

Planning & Development
Chris LaForest,
Director of Planning & Development
(519) 881-1782 -Walkerton
(519) 534-2092 - Wiarton

Corporate Services
Bettyanne Cobean,
Director of Corporate Services
(519) 881-1291

Human Resources
Marianne Nero,
Director of Human Resources
(519) 881-2952

Brian Knox,
(519) 881-2400

Museum & Archives
Cathy McGirr
Museum Director/Curator
(519) 797-2080 / 1-800-318-8889

Social Services & Housing
Christine MacDonald
(519) 881-0431

Library Board
Melissa Legacy, Library Director
(519) 832-6935

Paramedic Services
Ray Lux or Steve Schaus

(519) 507-2237 or (519) 507-2238

Director of Health Services
Charles Young

Brucelea Haven Long Term Care Home
(519) 881-1570

Gateway Haven Long Term Care Home
(519) 534-1113