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Corporate Services

This Department, located in Walkerton, is responsible for the administration of the County including duties related to County Council meetings and legislation affecting municipalities.

Another of its primary functions is to collect the County levy (taxes) paid by each municipality to the County. The levy pays for the County services we provide. The Department also coordinates the financial services for all departments, including accounts payable and accounts receivable.

The Director of Corporate Services acts as property manager for all of the properties owned by the County. These include the Administration Centre and Courthouse facilities in Walkerton, the Library headquarters, and forestry lands throughout the County.

The Corporate Services Department reports to the Corporate Services Committee. The department is responsible, under the direction of the Clerk, for the Freedom of Information Act to ensure confidentiality of the corporation's actions.

The County Budget is $83,000,000.


Any documents found on this page are available in a variety of accessible formats upon request.  To make a request, contact Donna Van Wyck, Deputy Clerk at 519-881-1291, ext. 310 or by email: dvanwyck@brucecounty.on.ca.

Large documents, such as the County's Official Plan, that will remain on the County's website for a long period of time, will be made accessible during the next major revision of its content.