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Bruce Road 40 East of Bruce Road 3 OPEN

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Federal Gas Tax Funding for Road Construction Project

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Welcome to Bruce County Highways....

                                        enjoy your ride!

The Highways Administration Office Is located in the Bruce County Administration Building at:

30 Park St. P.O. Box 398
Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0

Phone: (519) 881-2400   (877) 681-1291
After Hours Phone: (519) 881-0930
Fax: (519) 507-3030

Office Hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday

 Please refer to the Contact Information sidebar on this webpage to obtain additional contact information.

The Department administers a road system composed of 'collector and arterial' roads. The purpose of this system is to provide a consistent level of service between local urban, industrial, commercial and recreational centers.

This distinguishes the County system from the local municipal road system that generally serves direct land access. The Department has approximately 650 km of road and approximately 148 bridges under its jurisdiction.

In addition to the 124 bridges on County roads there are 24 bridges on local municipal roads. Please refer to the County Road System Map to identify Bruce County Highways and the level of service associated with them.

The Highways Department is responsible for the following activities in regards to Bruce County Highways:

  • General Road Maintenance
  • Winter Maintenance
  • Road construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Weed control & grass cutting along County roads
  • Cutting trees & clearing brush
  • Cleaning ditches
  • Maintaining catch basins and drains
  • Sweeping intersections
  • Creating and installing signs
  • Applying gravel & dragging gravel shoulders
  • Center line and edge marking roads
  • Adopt-a-Highway program
  • Encroachment and Entrance authorization
  • Special Event road closure authorization
  • By-law enforcement
  • Oversize load permits
  • Sign erection authorization
  • Collection of Household Hazardous and Special Waste materials on an annual basis

There are four patrol shops that support the Highways Department:

  • Walkerton, 94 Bruce Road 2
  • Lucknow, 545 Ludgard Street
  • Wiarton, 890 Berford Street
  • Paisley, 242 Canrobert Street

West Road Environmental Assessment