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Bruce County Broadband


August 23, 2011

All project upgrades and installations have been completed!  If you are a resident living within the project areas, please call Bell at 1-866-242-0008 to see what new high speed Internet services are available to you.

Technical Design

The County of Bruce, along with OMAFRA and Bell Aliant, the vendor selected through the county's competitive procurement process, have finalized a technical plan that will offer significant coverage to un-served and/or underserviced areas. The result is a blended solution, offering a mix of licensed fixed wireless and fixed wire-line DSL that will bring coverage to 80% of the project areas. The remaining 20% of households and businesses within project areas will require a site visit to determine if line-of-sight is available to yield broadband service. This will significantly reduce the gaps in high-speed availability in our county.

Bell has focused on serving the populated priority areas with as much DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) as possible. Any remaining gaps will be covered using Inukshuk Wireless. The wireless technology scheduled for deployment is well suited for use in our rural region, where population density is low and widely dispersed. This technology has been used in over 900 sites across Canada and is based on advanced wireless technology. In particular, the solution uses licensed spectrum at 2.5 GHz which is less prone to interference and is effective in many non-line-of-sight situations.

With either new broadband service, customers will be able to eliminate their second phone line previously used for dial-up access, saving on their monthly phone bill.

Project Area "A"

Unfortunately, the cost of serving this area with DSL is cost-prohibitive, even under the Rural Connection Broadband Program. As such, Bell will employ a fixed wireless solution to offer blanket coverage of the area using licensed spectrum.

Project Area "B"

In this area, Bell will place a DSL remote in Colpoys Bay to serve 175 households.

Project Area "C"

In this area, Bell will replace 2 DSL remotes. A remote in Oliphant North will potentially serve 200 households and a remote in Red Bay will potentially serve 223 households. As well, the whole area will be overlaid with wireless coverage, however due to topography along the shoreline, coverage predictions are approximately 50%. As such, the DSL offered will offer significant coverage of the area.

Project Area "D"

By placing a remote at Sauble Falls, Bell will serve 281 households. In addition, this area will also receive very good wireless coverage.

Update - May 26, 2009
After working with the residents, organizations and businesses within Bruce County to determine the areas lacking in available high-speed internet connectivity, we submitted our proposal for infrastructure funding on Thursday February 12, 2009. Please click hereto view a map of the targeted areas for improved broadband access. At this point in time, we have still not received feedback from the Provincial government on approval for this project, or expected announcement dates. We will continue to stay in contact with ministry representatives and we will inform you of any changes and/or updates as they become available.

In the Digital Economy, broadband, or high speed, internet access offers significant opportunities for rural residents. By providing a greater number of educational and economic resources, Bruce County will be well-positioned to be a leader in this new economy.

To facilitate this, the County of Bruce intends to apply to the Provincial Government's "Rural Connections Broadband Program". This program will provide funding for up to one-third of eligible project costs to a maximum of $1 million to improve the infrastructure of high speed internet access.

The first step is to find those areas of Bruce County that is currently un-serviced or underserviced by high speed access. If you are a resident or business in the county and cannot get high speed internet, please fill in our form to identify your location. We will be using this information to build an accurate illustration of where broadband service is required.