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Paramedic Services

EMS Week 2013

Bruce County EMS is proud to celebrate EMS Week May 19th - 25th.

New Look For Bruce EMS Ambulances


In 2010 Bruce County EMS changed the striping on its new ambulances. The new striping will enhance visibility during emergency responses.

BCEMS 1195 2010

Red Lights - Move to the Right

A few minutes, even a few seconds, can make the difference between life and death. So when you hear a siren or see emergency lights, remember to do your part to help make sure emergency vehicles can get to thoses who need help.

Remember to move to the R.I.G.H.T.

  • React - Respond quickly but calmly. Plan your move.
  • Initiate - Begin your move to the right. Use your signal. Do not slam on your brakes or pull off suddenly.
  • Gauge - Remember to safely gauge the distance between your car and the cars around you.
  • Halt - Stay completely stopped to the right until the emergency vehicle has safely passed. Remember there may be more then one responding.
  • Tolerate - Emergency personnel only use their lights and sirens when they are needed to offer critical care.

The link "Highway Traffic Act and Emergency Vehicles" provides information about the requirements of drivers in Ontario and their responsibilities when approaching an emergency vehicle on our highways.

Paramedic Services Mission Statement

We, the employees of Bruce County Paramedic Services are committed to providing compassionate pre-hospital care to the communities we serve through the pursuit of excellence, effective leadership and positive relationships. We will be attentive to our client's needs and will strive to provide continual improvement and effective use of our resources.

Bruce County Paramedic Services is complimented with a staff of 100 paramedics that provide pre-hospital care to citizens and visitors of Bruce County. Bruce County Paramedic Services responds to medical and trauma emergencies with a fleet of 12 ambulances and 3 supervisor unit.

Response Times

Bruce County Paramedic Services will respond to the public's request for service with a reaction time of less than two minutes when responding to an emergency call.  Our service will measure and evaluate our response times based on our CTAS Response Plan.  This reporting standard measures ambulance response times based on the severity of the calls using the Canadian Triage Acuity Scale (CTAS) and was implemented by the MOHLTC in 2011.  CTAS levels are divided into 6 categories:

  1. SCA: Sudden Cardiac Arrest where a person has no pulse and is not breathing
  2. CTAS 1: severely ill, requires resuscitation
  3. CTAS 2: requires emergent care and rapid medical intervention
  4. CTAS 3: required urgent care
  5. CTAS 4: requires less urgent care
  6. CTAS 5: requires non-urgent care

Bruce County Paramedic Services will have an ambulance response to:

  • SCA in 6 minutes or less 35% of the time
  • CTAS 1 in 8 minutes or less 50% of the time
  • CTAS 2 in 10 minutes or less 55% of the time
  • CTAS 3 in 15 minutes or less 70% of the time
  • CTAS 4 in 20 minutes or less 85% of the time
  • CTAS 5 in 25 minutes or less 90% of the time


"This response time performance plan has been created in accordance with Part VIII of O.Reg.257/00 of the Ambulance Act.  In publishing these response times, Bruce County does not guarantee, warrant or otherwise promise that paramedic service will be provded within the expected response times as conditions and circumstances will vary from time to time.  Nothin herein shall constitite an expectation that service will be delivered within the expoected response time and Bruce County is not legally responsible or liable for any inablility to meet the expected response times."