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Interactive Maps

Bruce County Maps is an online mapping application that supplies property information such as Zoning and Official Plan details along with Assessment information. Also included are points of interest such as schools, recreational facilities, water bodies, woodlands, elevations, and high resolution aerial photography. Feel free to explore!

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Access the legacy Map Factory application.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the program in a new window (select the image!)
    Bruce County Interactive Maps
  2. Search (Query) the property by one of:
    • Assessment Roll Number from the municipal tax notice,
    • Civic (street) Addressing
    • Former Township, Lot & Concession
    • MLS number from the realtor (same as roll number)
  3. Right-click on the property of interest and select 'What’s Here?'

Map layers include:

  • Aerial photography (spring 2010 and 2006)
  • Property Parcels with 911/Civic Addresses
  • Roads
  • Zoning
  • County & Local Official Plan Designations
  • Lot & Concessions,
  • Landmarks, facilities and services
  • Topographic layers such as rivers, lakes, elevation contours, wooded areas, wetlands, and more.

Labels for select layers can be turned on/off with a click on the ‘label toggle’ located beside the layer name.

Information for Layer Data can be seen in either of two ways:

  • Right-click the map, then in the pop-up select 'What’s Here?' and once your expected results appear, click the appropriate item in the Identify Results list for more details.
  • On the Getting Around tab of the Toolbar, click the  button, and then click the object of interest on the map. If the Toolbar is not visible, first click the  button to display it. Finally, click the appropriate an item in the Identify Results list for more details.

Searches by assessment roll number, civic (street) address, or lot & concession make it easy to locate a property to:

  • Determine applicable zoning and Official Plan designations
  • View properties in high-resolution aerial photography
  • Find rural properties by Lot, Concession and Former Township name
  • Create and print a map of your neighbourhood
  • Measure distances and areas in the units of your choice
  • Map any street in Bruce County and the Chippewas of Saugeen First Nation
  • Map any school in Bruce County
  • Find points of interest like the Point Clark Lighthouse or the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre
  • Run a custom query against any map layer
  • "Explore the Bruce" from north to south and east to west using the interactive map tools that allow you to zoom in and out, pan, and identify features