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Application Process 

Pre-consultation is required.  It is intended to simplify and speed the administration of an application, which typically takes 3-4 months.  Please contact the appropriate office prior to the submission  of applications to ensure that the required  types of application are identified and complete, including required information, fees and studies. 

Public Meetings are held for most planning applications, to provide neighbours with an opportunity to comment on the application. Public Notices are sent by regular mail and orange Development Signs are posted on subject properties advertising the Public Meetings. Questions or clarifications should be directed to the administering office prior to the meeting, if possible.

Walkerton Planning Office

    Bruce Stickney, Manager of Land Use Planning
David Smith, Senior Planner
  • Township of Huron-Kinloss (Huron, Kinloss, Lucknow, Ripley)
  • Municipality of South Bruce (Mildmay, Carrick, Teeswater, Culross)
  • Municipality of Brockton (Walkerton, Brant, Greenock)

    Leah Andrews Barrie, Senior Planner

  • Municipality of Kincardine (Kincardine Twp, Bruce, Tiverton, Kincardine)
  • Town of Saugeen Shores  (Saugeen, Port Elgin, Southampton)

    General Inquiries

    Stephanie McCulloch, Administrative Assistant
    Ann McCracken, Planning Applications Tech

Wiarton Planning Office

    Jakob Van Dorp, Senior Planner
    Denise Whaley, Planner
  • Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula (Eastnor, Lindsay, St Edmunds, Lions Head, Tobermory)
  • Town of South Bruce Peninsula (Albermarle, Amabel, Hepworth, Wiarton)
  • Municipality of Arran-Elderslie (Arran, Elderslie, Tara, Paisley, Chesley)

    General Inquiries
    Lynda Steinacker, Planning Applications Tech

Application Forms & Information Sheets

Applications must be completed and submitted to initiate the development process.  On-line applications cannot be submitted due the legal requirement for signature in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths (a fee may be involved in some locations).  Paper applications are available from municipal and county offices. Clear, legible site plans detailing all existing and proposed buildings, structures and uses including septic beds and wells, their dimensions and distance to lot lines are required for all application types.   Please refer to the information sheets for information required. 



  • Schedule of Current 2015 Fees
  • APPLICATION FORM ONE 2015 – Multi-Purpose Application used for:
  • SUBDIVISION / CONDOMINIMUM APPLICATION FORMS - used in association with various stages of Subdivision and Condo developments
    • Subdivision / Condo Application Form & Guide 2015 - used to apply for developing a plan of subdivision or condominium.
    • Minor Revision to a Draft Plan of Subdivision/Condominium Form 2015 - used to apply for 'minor' changes to the layout or Conditions of Draft Approval of a Draft Approved Plan. Note: The County reserves the right to determine if the proposed changes are minor in nature.
    • Major Revision to a Draft Plan of Subdivision/Condominium Form 2015  - used to apply for 'major' changes to the layout or Conditions of Draft Approval of a Draft Approved Plan.
    • Condo Exemption Form - used to recognize that a proposed development has 'recently' undergone Planning Act approvals and that sufficient safeguards are in place due to requirements for Site Plan Control or a Development Agreement. Please request this form directly from the local area planner based in either the Walkerton or Wiarton Planning Offices
    • Final Approval Form 2015 - used to apply for Final Approval of a Draft Plan of Subdivision/Condominium of all, or part of, a Draft Approved Plan.
  • MUNICIPAL FORMS - used by local municipalities where the County of Bruce is the Approval Authority
    • Appeal of Decisions

    • Once a Notice of Decision is issued regarding a Planning Application, an appeal may be filed with the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).  Basic informaton on filing an appeal is included in each Notice of Decision, including the last day for appeals to be filed, and to whom the appeal should be directed.  For access to the required OMB forms and further details on OMB Appeal procedures, please visit the OMB Website.  File specific information (including completed applications, site plans and agency comments) is available in PDF format from the right column of  this site, listed  by Municipality and File Number, in chronological order.