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Household Battery Recycling

Although household batteries comprise only 1% of total waste sent to our municipal landfills, they are responsible for between 50%-70% of all heavy metals found in landfills (mercury, cadmium, lead).

The effects of improper battery disposal are severe. For example 1mg of mercury is enough to make all fish in a 20 acre lake inedible for a year.  For comparision - an average button cell alkaline battery contains almost 11mg of mercury.

Despite awareness of the negative environmental effects of sending batteries to the landfill, only 37% of Canadians properly dispose of their batteries.

Municipalities have established battery collection depots for household batteries at the following locations:

  • Arran-Elderslie - Arran & Chesley landfill sites
  • Brockton - Municipal Office & MTO Yard
  • Huron-Kinloss - Huron landfill site, Lucknow Works Shed & Ripley-Huron Works Shed
  • Kincardine - Kincardine waste management centre, Municipal Office, Ward 3 landfill site
  • Northern Bruce Peninsula - Municipal office, Eastnor, Lindsay & St.Edmund's landfill sites
  • Saugeen Shores - Municipal office, Southampton landfill site, Port Elgin & Southampton Library
  • South Bruce - Municipal office, Teeswater & Mildmay landfill sites
  • South Bruce Peninsula - Town Hall, Amabel landfill site, Sauble Beach Community Centre, Bruce County Tourism Office / Wiarton Library

Acceptable batteries include:

  • Single - use batteries (AAAs, AAs, 9-volts, D's & C's)
  • Lithium batteries
  • Button cell batteries