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Bruce Innovates - Foundational Hydrogen Infrastructure Project

The Bruce region has the economy, location, natural resources, readiness to build and project partners required to become a leader in clean hydrogen technology, research and innovation.

A significant opportunity exists for the Bruce region to produce clean hydrogen from clean nuclear and renewable electricity, and in doing so, position it to not only contribute to but also to benefit from, the transition to a low-carbon economy. To take advantage of this opportunity, Bruce County and Saugeen First Nation have launched an initiative called “Bruce Innovates: Foundational Hydrogen Infrastructure Project”.1 The project aims to transform the Bruce region into the Clean Energy Capital of Canada by establishing a world-class region for collaboration and training in clean technology development and innovation.
Bruce Innovates has the potential to be a ground-breaking and innovative way to pursue multiple objectives simultaneously, including:

  1. Developing, testing and scaling-up hydrogen-based energy systems – by undertaking pilot projects before eventually progressing to larger-scale commercial technologies;
  2. Diversifying and boosting the economy – by growing a hydrogen economy and creating export opportunities, whilst supporting entrepreneurship, clean-tech business development, job creation and next-generation career development;
  3. Supporting Saugeen First Nation (SFN) and other First Nation communities in building capacity towards greater energy self-sufficiency – by developing hydrogen-based on- and off-grid energy systems; and
  4. Accelerating the commercial deployment of Canadian-based hydrogen technologies both nationally and abroad – by marketing utility-scale hydrogen production and energy storage technologies.

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