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Bruce Overview

In Bruce County, the search for work-life balance ends – it just comes naturally. In fact, you just might find, as those that live here do, that the smiles are bigger and a little more frequent here. Bruce is about an alternative lifestyle: less complex, more community-driven and affordable. Bruce is active, energetic, social and rugged.
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We are a blend of entrepreneurial opportunity that spans energy and tourism, agri-business and culture, technology and retail.

Where is Bruce?

In Southwestern Ontario, two hours northwest of Toronto, Bruce County is part wonderland and part innovation. Here, nothing is ordinary, much is unbeatable, and all is welcoming.

In Bruce County you’ll find:

  • 854 kms of coastline along the Niagara Escarpment
  • 2 National Parks
  • 264 kms of Bruce Trail in our backyards
  • 1/3 of Ontario’s electricity - produced right here
  • Over 1,928 family farms creating fresh produce and culinary specialties

Come, discover a lifestyle with endless opportunity for exploration: Be an Explorer and call Bruce County home.