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Business to Bruce

Imagine if there was an online match-making service that connected entrepreneurially-minded visitors, former residents and Bruce first-timers alike to business opportunities and networks on a community-by-community basis. Now stop imagining and start connecting to our full suite of support, advice and online business/community match-making right here.

In 2016, Bruce County launched our innovative Business to Bruce program. Business to Bruce attracts the attention of entrepreneurially-minded individuals within specific target audiences and connects them with local entrepreneurial leaders. To develop this program, Bruce County studied the potential growth areas for each community and the types of entrepreneurs (the “who”) with the potential to flourish there.

Business to Bruce recognizes that entrepreneurs want to talk to other peers and they want good information about prospective communities at their fingertips. An innovative “matching-making tool” on connects prospective entrepreneurs with a community that fits their business needs and their lifestyle and with a peer and local entrepreneur to guide them through the process. The program brings public and private together in such a way that focuses the attention on the entrepreneur and their needs.

Business to Bruce is fairly new and as more communities and local entrepreneurial leaders come on board the website and program will continue to grow. Bruce County plans to spend the next few years building this entrepreneurial network and fine-tuning the program.


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We are a blend of entrepreneurial opportunity that spans energy and tourism, agri-business and culture, technology and retail.