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Economic Development

We want to ensure Bruce County’s future is strong and bright. We learned that we need to unite our local voices behind a stronger Bruce County story. We learned that we need to spend more time working together with our communities and local leaders. We learned that local businesses need more support. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Here’s to Economic Development – for you.

Economic Development Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Cover page of Economic Development Strategic Plan 2022-2026

The economic landscape in Bruce County has shifted. There are new challenges like the effects of climate change, impacts on the environment, long-term influences from a global pandemic, and an ever-evolving economic landscape. Innovation and collaboration are more important than ever and are the keys to unlocking the best path forward towards a prosperous, sustainable, and responsible future for all.

The next five-year 2022-2026 Bruce County Economic Development Strategic Plan evolves “The Macro Approach” to make working with community and regional partners the principal consideration of every project and initiative. Through extensive data collection, research, and consultations with key stakeholders, the enhanced Macro Approach was built to reflect a commitment to forging a collective path forward in collaboration and meaningful partnership.


Economic Development Annual Report 2021

Cover page of Economic Development Annual Report 2021

The Bruce County Economic Development Annual Report provides a yearly update on the performance of programs and the impact they have had on communities throughout the County. The objective is to measure progress towards securing economic growth and prosperity across Bruce County. Bruce County Economic Development aims to influence and support business growth, foster community improvement, and secure a reliable, skilled workforce now and into the future.

As the “Find Yourself in Bruce County” Economic Development Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021 exits its final year, this report demonstrates the progress made on goals set forth in the strategic plan as well as details the accomplishments achieved in 2021. The report shows the overall illustration of the programs and initiatives undertaken collaboratively with municipalities to achieve economic stability, recovery, and eventual growth.


Economic Development Annual Report 2020

Cover page for Economic Development Annual Report

Bruce County's Economic Development Annual Reports measure the performance of programs, the value they have on our communities, how well we are supporting local business growth each year. The 2020 Economic Development Annual Report details the progress made towards the goals outlined in the “Find Yourself in Bruce County” Economic Development Strategic Plan. To do this, the report highlights activities within each program area and the results achieved through these initiatives. 2020 was undoubtedly a unique year with the onset of a worldwide pandemic that pushed the business plan to focus its attention on how to first stabilize the economy and then work towards developing mechanisms to rebuild and grow – a priority that is ongoing.


Economic Impact of Tourism Report

Economic Impact of Tourism 2019

Assessing the Economic Impact of Tourism in Bruce County is an annual undertaking of the County by its Planning and Economic Development department. The framework initiated in 2018 integrates data from multiple sources – shared data from major tourism operators, business surveys, and a visitor survey. In 2019, the Economic Development team worked on conducting over 500 surveys of our visitors, as well as 87 local tourism-related businesses to develop the Economic Impact of Tourism Report.


Workforce Development and Attraction Strategy

Cover Page for Workforce Development and Attraction

The County’s long-term economic success depends on the strength of businesses in their efforts to attract, retain, and build skills in order to stay open, expand, and hand over to the next generation. This Strategy will guide the collective to set the stage for a solid future.

Read the Workforce Development & Attraction Strategy 2021-2025.


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