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Destination Infrastructure Grant

Improving the destination infrastructure of our core attractions and secondary activities will contribute to visitor experiences and impressions. Positive experiences generate return trips, longer stays, and word-of-mouth advertising.

The Destination Infrastructure Grant encourages local stakeholders, organizations, and municipalities to upgrade and invest in our destination infrastructure.

Our Destination Infrastructure Grant details are subject to funding availability, and issued upon the completion of the proposed work.

This grant funds 50% of Destination Infrastructure projects up to $2,500.

Applicants must provide minimum 50% cash contribution towards the total cost of the project for which they are applying for a grant. Taxes are the full responsibility of the applicants. Eligible project costs must be actual cash outlay to third parties acting at arm’s length and which can be documented through original invoices or proofs of payment 

Examples - Usage of Funds:

A Destination Infrastructure Grant may be used towards capital investments that improve the quality of our attraction products. This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Capital improvements to core attractions like the Bruce Trail, Saugeen River, Rail Trail and area beaches and may include upgrades related to parking, restrooms, staging and lookouts
  • It also may include signage that improves visitor experiences such as interpretative/ historical plaques, kiosks and route markers (i.e. for cycling or hiking)

Projects that connect Destination Infrastructure to the downtown core will be given priority

The following guidelines focus on suitability and compatibility issues affecting Destination Infrastructure Grant Applications in “Spruce the Bruce” communities.

  1. Only applications that are submitted prior to purchase, fabrication and/or installation of the project.
  2. Only grant applications that comply with municipal by-laws will be considered.
  3. Projects may require permits (permits are not funded by the grant) to be issued and it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all permits are secured prior to submission of the application. Copies of the approved permits must be appended to the application.
  4. Fixtures proposed to be located in the public right-of-way should not obstruct sight lines for vehicles accessing the street from driveways/alleys and should maintain clear circulation routes for pedestrians including overhead and at the street level
  5. Destination Infrastructure should add to the character and value of the community. The work proposed should reflect the community design identified in the community toolkit

What Is needed before I apply?

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Application Process and Timeline


    Status of grant program

    Applications are now being accepted


    Submission deadline

    There is a continuous intake until grant money has been allocated.


    Application is reviewed

    Applications are reviewed and awarded on a weekly basis.


    Grant letter of offer

    If approved, the applicant receives a letter of offer that outlines the conditions and eligible grant amount.


    Project commences

    Projects must not have commenced prior to the awarding of the requested grant.


    Project completion

    Grant recipients fill in the online project completion form.


     Funds are sent to the recipient.

    Project completion is verified and funds are sent to the recipient by cheque or Electronic Fund Transfer.


    Grant program closes

    October 31, 2020

    All projects must be completed by October 31 of the same year. Extensions are not granted.