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Summer Company

Bruce County is proud to help young entrepreneurs through Summer Company - a training, mentorship, and grant program for students to run their own company. In partnership with the Province of Ontario, the program is available for youth between the ages of 15 and 29 who are returning to school in the fall. Applications close in mid spring each year.

Start a Summer Company

Learning how to run your own student business is one of the best summer jobs you can have. You get to be your own boss while learning what it takes to manage a business. Sales, marketing, invoicing, bookkeeping, customer relationship management - these are just a few of the highly useful skills you will develop.

Summer Company is an Ontario government program that provides young people with the resources and knowledge they need to start a new summer business.

How It Works

As a Summer Company entrepreneur, you get:

  • Start-up money to kick-off a new summer business
  • Hands-on business training, advice and mentorship from local business leaders
  • An award of up to $3,000

Could you be a Summer Company entrepreneur?

You can apply to the Summer Company program if you're an Ontario resident aged 15 to 29, are a full-time high school, college or university student and will be returning to school in the fall.

If you are on social assistance (Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program) you can still apply to Summer Company. Payments from the program may be exempt as income and assets under social assistance, so your monthly social assistance payment may not be affected. Call your local Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program office for more information.

Apply for Summer Company

To learn more about the Summer company program visit the Government of Ontario's website. Applying for the Summer Company Program is a competitive process.