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Patio Installation Grant

An outdoor patio allows restaurants, bars, and cafes the opportunity to increase capacity and sales, while also adding to the vibrancy of the downtown, encouraging more visitors and spending.

Applications for 2024 are now closed.
Patio Installation Grant
Spruce the Bruce Business Grants

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The Patio Installation grant provides funding for business and property owners to install or expand an outdoor patio for their guests and visitors to enjoy food and beverage on. The patio may be a sidewalk patio, rooftop patio, or back patio.

Patio Installation Grant

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the grant:

The applicant must be the tenant or the property owner. A letter of support from the property owner is required if the applicant is the tenant.

The building must be commercial or mixed-use (commercial-residential) and be located within one of the following downtown Community Improvement Plan Areas (CIPA): Allenford, Chesley, Hepworth, Kincardine, Lion's Head, Lucknow, Mildmay, Paisley, Port Elgin, Ripley, Sauble Beach, Southampton, Tara, Teeswater, Tiverton, Tobermory, Walkerton, or Wiarton.

The project must comply with Municipal bylaws and have received appropriate permits and permissions. Note: If the patio extends onto municipal property, the applicant must submit an application and be approved for a patio permit with their local Municipality.

The project should attempt to include elements from the applicable Community Toolkit whenever possible.

Project work must not have started (including purchasing any materials) until the application has been approved.

Properties previously awarded grants are not eligible for additional funding under the same grant category unless:

  • The grant was provided more than five years ago; or
  • Either the tenant and/or property owner changed since the last grant was provided; or
  • The application is clearly for different physical elements of the building/property (as determined by County Staff)

Max Funding: 

50% of total project cost (excluding taxes) up to $4,000.

Eligible Projects 

Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Decking
  • Fencing or railings
  • Flooring / patio stones / brick
  • Permanent planter boxes (e.g., attached to fencing)

Ineligible Projects 

Ineligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Patio furniture (e.g., tables, chairs, benches, etc.)
  • Portable accessories (e.g., heaters, fire pits, speakers, etc.)
  • Greenery (e.g., plants, flowers, shrubs, etc.)

Branding and Design Elements 

Gain inspiration and guidance for the project by reviewing design elements (colour palettes, materials and physical elements, and façade and signage examples) from the applicable Community Toolkit: AllenfordChesleyHepworthKincardineLion’s Head, LucknowMildmay, PaisleyPort ElginRipleySauble Beach, Southampton, Tara, Teeswater, Tiverton, Tobermory, Walkerton or Wiarton.

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Areas

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool that allows a municipality to direct funds and implement policy initiatives toward a specifically defined project area and are intended to encourage rehabilitation initiatives and/or stimulate development.

Find the eligible Community Improvement Project Areas (CIPA) for this grant: AllenfordChesleyHepworthKincardineLion's HeadLucknowMildmayPaisleyPort ElginRipleySauble BeachSouthamptonTaraTeeswater, TivertonTobermoryWalkerton and  Wiarton.

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