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Bruce County Council

Every four years, eight, locally-elected, municipal leaders sit on Bruce County council and manage the affairs of our shared community and resources. What they discuss and the conclusions they reach impact our daily lives and the future of Bruce County. Are you curious about the details yet? This is where you find the meeting minutes and upcoming content for debate.
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Christine MacDonald

Chief Administrative Officer

Department: Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Location: Walkerton Administration Centre

Tel : 519-881-1291


Bruce County believes exploring new ideas and innovation should happen every day and be a partnership between communities, citizens, county employees and business.

How to be a Delegation

There are times when a citizen or a group of citizens may wish to express an opinion on an issue. Delegations are encouraged to address their concerns to either the Committee which is responsible for a particular issue or to County Council. To request a delegation to County Council or a committee, or if you are unsure of where to direct your request, please provide your written request addressed to the Clerk or Chief Administrative Officer. You may submit your request by:

  1. Mail to 30 Park Street, PO Box 70, Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0;
  2. Fax (519) 881-1619; or by
  3. Email: or

Delegations wishing to address Council or Committee must notify the Clerk seven (7) business days prior to the regular Council or Committee meeting.  The request must include the name(s) of the speakers and the subject matter to be presented.

Any person or group who is scheduled to appear as a delegation before Council or Committee is requested to submit to the Clerk written or electronic documentation concerning the presentation not less than seven (7) business days preceding the meeting.

Each delegation shall be limited in speaking to not more than ten (10) minutes.  Extensions to this time limit will be at the discretion of the Warden.

No person shall be permitted to speak to Council more than once within six (6) months on the same topic without the prior permission of Council.

No person shall be permitted as a delegation to Council if the purpose of the delegation is to speak regarding:

  1. A tender or request for proposal which is either proposed, pending or actually before Council or a Committee of Council for its consideration;
  2. Labour relations;
  3. Legal issues including the enforcement of By-laws, litigation and potential litigation;
  4. Insurance claims; or
  5. Contract negotiations

Delegations not listed on the Agenda may be heard provided a majority of the members' present vote to hear the delegation.