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Integrity Commissioner

The County of Bruce established the Office of Integrity Commissioner and has appointed Principles Integrity to the role of Integrity Commissioner for the County for a term commencing on January 1, 2024.
The role of the Integrity Commissioner is to help ensure that Members of Council perform their functions in accordance with the Code of Conduct and other procedures, rules or policies governing their ethical behaviour.

Making a Complaint

1 Any legal person may act as a Complainant.
2 Complaints can be made by filing a sworn/affirmed affidavit, as provided in Appendix B to the Code of Conduct, directly with the Integrity Commissioner, Chief Administrative Officer or County Clerk.
3 Where a complaint is filed with the Chief Administrative Officer or County Clerk, that individual is to forward the complaint to the attention of the Integrity Commissioner, without added comment, on a forthwith basis.
4 Where a complaint is filed by an Employee, Member of Council, or by Council, the affidavit contained in Appendix B to the Code of Conduct is not required, however the provision of equivalent information and particulars is required.
5 A complaint shall not be made available to the public except as may be required under the MFIPPA or as completed by Order of Court.

Please review By-law 2017-056 for further information about the Office of the Integrity Commissioner.

Click here for Appendix A

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct serves as a reference guide on ethical behaviour when members are acting in their official capacity, and supplements legislative standards and parameters within which members are obligated to operate.

A Code of Conduct encourages the public’s right to expect that its representatives adhere to the highest standards of conduct. Adherence to such standards will in turn help to protect and maintain a municipality’s reputation and integrity.

Contacting the County's Integrity Commissioner

Principles Integrity
30 Haddon Street, Toronto, ON 
M5M 3M9
Attn: Jeffrey A. Abrams and Janice Atwood
Telephone: 647-259-8697

Contact us

Linda White


Department: Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Tel : 519-881-1291


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