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Land Use Planning - Arran-Elderslie

The County provides professional planning advice, assistance, and land use planning functions to Arran-Elderslie (Arran, Elderslie, Tara, Paisley, Chesley), on local development processes including applications for Minor Variance, Zoning By-law Amendment , Official Plan Amendment, Consent, and Plans of Subdivision and Condominium.

CoVID -19 Cancellations
Please monitor the municipal website for notification of meeting cancellations. Should a cancellation occur, Public Notices will be re-issued once it is known when the file(s) will be re-scheduled for public meeting.

Municipality of Arran Elderslie website:

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Peninsula Planning Hub

Application Name Details
Abraflex B-2021-102
Abraflex Z-2021-101
B-2021-115 Kellendonk
B-2021-116 Kellendonk
Z-2021-087 Kellendonk
Z-2022-010 Bauman
Z-2022-032 - Hammell
B-2022-029 - McLelland
B-2022-016 - Macesic
B-2022-017 - Macesic
B-2022-018 - Macesic
A-2022-034 Craddock
C-2022-007 Dreamaker
Z-2022-061 Dreamaker
A-2022-064 Paisley Inn
B-2022-055 Shepherd
B-2022-063 Weppler
Z-2022-070 Weppler
B-2022-075 Plume
B-2022-076 Plume
B-2022-074 Plume
B-2022-077 Rundle
Z-2022-078 Rundle