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Land Use Planning - Huron-Kinloss

The County provides professional planning advice, assistance, and land use planning functions to Huron-Kinloss (Huron, Kinloss, Lucknow, Ripley), on local development processes including applications for Minor Variance, Zoning By-law Amendment , Official Plan Amendment, Consent, and Plans of Subdivision and Condominium.

Active Applications

Learn more about active applications in Huron-Kinloss by clicking "See Details" beside the application of interest below.

Please monitor the municipal website for notification of Public Meetings:


Alternative Format

Bruce County is committed to providing accessible and inclusive services to people of all abilities in a timely manner. The information on this site is intended to provide the public with as much access as possible to information regarding planning applications. Documentation may be made available in an alternative format upon request. To request this information in an alternative format please contact us.

Attachment Size
File Icon 1597a november 24 2016 official plan final with county mods - clean copy - september 2017 995.64 KB
File Icon huron-kinloss rates and fees.pdf 112.51 KB
File Icon consolidated rates and fees by-law.pdf 159.9 KB
Application Name Details
B-2022-062 - JNC Holdings
Z-2022-069 - JNC Holdings
B-2021-056, B-2021-108 & B-2021-050 - Johnston
A-2022-037 - Courtney
Z-2022-107 - Morrison
B-2022-105 & Z-2022-097 - Eadie
B-2022-053 Snobelen
Z-2022-115 Snobelen
Z-2022-100 MacLennan
B-2023-012 B-2023-061 B-2023-086 Schweitzer
B-2023-028 Z-2023-29 Shelton
Z-2023-041 Kempton
B-2023-039, Z-2023-046 Ropp
Z-2023-039 Lucknow Kinsmen
Z-2023-064 Brubacher
B-2022-024 B-2023-069 C-2022-003 Z-2023-055 Martin
B-2023-092 Z-2023-082 Van Sickle
Z-2023-097 Crimson Oak
Z-2024-010 Morrison
A-2024-008 Cowell
B-2024-018 Z2024-018 Snobelen
B-2024-017 Allen