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YIMBY stands for Yes In My Backyard. The YIMBY Team is a group of committed people from across different sectors and Bruce County communities working together to improve awareness for the need of affordable and supportive housing.

The name YIMBY was taken from the opposite term NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) where there is sometimes resistance from neighbours when new housing development is planned and built in their neighbourhood. We want to work towards a new frame of mind in our communities where neighbours welcome new diversified developments in their neighbourhood, understand the social and economics and have a better understanding of local housing issues and needs of all members of the community.

The team consist of 15 members including a Private Developer, Grey Bruce Public Health, Community Living, Council Member, Church Pastor, Family Y, Mental Health, Media Editor, Real Estate, Affordable Housing Board Member, County Planner and County Housing Staff members.Together team members will take action, working towards encouraging others to play a part in a coordinated community effort to ensure everyone has a place to call home. Education and awareness on what is happening in our back yard is key in making changes and offering ideas and solutions.

To tune in on what is happening in our backyards please join Bruce County Housing Facebook by liking our page.

Contact us

Tania Dickson

Housing Services Manager

Department: Human Services

Tel : 1-877-396-3450


Housing options like community assisted housing and long term care options for seniors and at risk citizens can be found here.