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Council / Committee Meetings – Thursday, July 15, 2021

Explore highlights from Bruce County's Council & Committee Meetings. These meetings are held on Thursdays, twice monthly, beginning at 9:30 AM, unless otherwise posted. Meetings are video livestreamed and complete agendas and minutes are available for public review.

Farm Dwelling Severance in Arran-Elderslie

After a public meeting, the Planning and Development Committee approved a change to the County Official Plan to allow the severance of a surplus farm dwelling on approximately 0.4 hectares, located at 257 Concession 2 in Arran-Elderslie. The retained lands would have an area of 33.5 hectares, which would be of sufficient size to support ongoing farming. The amendment will allow the owners to sever a house that is surplus to their needs while maintaining the viability of the farm operations. Land consolidations improve the agricultural sector by enabling farms to become more efficient and better integrated in agricultural chains. Land consolidations also encourage alternative ways of agricultural production such as implementation of agri-environmental measures and good agricultural practices.

Additional Residential Units

After a public meeting, the Planning and Development Committee approved a change to the County Official Plan that establishes a more flexible framework to reduce barriers to creating and permitting Additional Residential Units in detached buildings. The amendment reflects the outcome of comments received through the Plan the Bruce: Homes project and discussions with both the Province and local Municipalities. Creating Additional Residential Units directly increases the supply and mix of homes, particularly units available for rental purposes. Adding rental units will also help ease a current constraint on business growth. Natural legacy considerations are addressed through limiting opportunities for additional residential units in ‘Rural Recreation’ areas associated with shorelines and natural settings. 

Reconnecting Through Community Journalism

Staff in the Planning and Development department have engaged with the Arran-Elderslie Youth Council and Trinity Theatre as part of the Workforce Development & Attraction Strategy. Trinity Theatre is leading an application with the Arran-Elderslie Youth Council to the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative which, through grant funding, is currently supporting communities as they create programming to respond to ongoing needs arising from COVID-19. Trinity Theatre Reconnecting Through Community Journalism Project is a unique youth-run, response to the concerning COVID-19 related effects of isolation in Bruce County. The pandemic has exacerbated the existing effects of geographic isolation, underutilization/ unawareness of community resources, lack of reliable internet connectivity in some areas, the experience of loneliness, and limited intra-regional community connection. The Project relies on youth building intergenerational relationships in order to celebrate the diversity of the community. The project also entails youth providing residents with local good news stories and bringing attention to the resources and opportunities that exist in Bruce County.

Bruce County Housing Corporation Appoints Interim Solicitor

The Bruce County Housing Corporation has appointed Grove-McClement Professional Corporation, as a part of The Ross Firm, as the Solicitor for the Bruce County Housing Corporation, effective July 17, 2021 for a period of up to six months. Corporate partnership of the previous Solicitor has recently ceased operation. Continuity of service provision and support to BCHC matters is essential in the immediate interim. This appointment will continue for a period of up to six months and until such time as a new BCHC Solicitor is appointed. Determination of future service provision will occur consistent with the work being undertaken by Bruce County staff relating to legal services provision options for the County.

Bruce County Appoints Interim Solicitor

The Corporate Services Committee has approved that the Chief Administrative Officer establish an interim service arrangement for legal services (litigation) for a period of up to six months with Julia M. Fischer Professional Corporation/ Fischer Law, and establish an interim service arrangement for legal services for a period of up to six months with Grove-McClement Professional Corporation/ The Ross Firm. Corporate partnership of the previous legal services provider has recently ceased operation. Continuity of service provision and support to County matters is essential in the immediate interim. The interim measure will continue until the provision of new legal services is confirmed. County staff had previously initiated a review of legal service needs, identifying some preliminary options.

County Development Charges Workshop

Watson and Associates Economists Ltd. (consultants) presented an update to the Corporate Services Committee showing the current status of the Development Charges Study. Development Charges are growth costs that are recovered to build new infrastructure supporting growth, pay down existing debt for past growth works, and avoid taxpayers paying for costs that serve growth. If approved, these will be the first Development Charges charged by Bruce County. The intent is to establish a reasonable amount of Development Charges for currently identified growth pressures and to provide capacity for studies that will identify and quantify other current and future growth pressures. Bruce County intends to pursue a more graduated approach to implementing Development Charges and over time will update the Development Charges to be collected while taking into consideration the business climate, including housing demand, the pressures on the County and residents which may be leading to imbalances that can be addressed by Development Charges, and a reflection of the Development Charges costs in comparison to the County’s neighbours. 

Telecommunications Mutual Access Agreement with EH!tel Networks Inc.

The Transportation and Environmental Services Committee approved the Telecommunications Mutual Access Agreement with EH!tel Networks Inc. for the use of right of ways in Bruce County for the purpose of performing EH!tel Networks Inc. work. EH!tel Networks Inc. has been contracted through the Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) project to provide high-speed fibre-optic broadband services in Bruce County and Grey County.

Budget Amendments for Teeswater River Bridge Replacement Project (Paisley)

The Transportation and Environmental Services Committee authorized $963,293 in 2022 and $358,150 in 2023, in advance of the budget cycle, so that Bruce County may request proposals in 2021 for the supply of a temporary bridge required in 2022 and 2023 for the Teewswater River Bridge replacement in Paisley. The Committee also authorized that $140,000 from the Bridge Reserve be transferred from the Reid Bridge (Teeswater) project to the Teeswater River Bridge (Paisley) project to fund additional engineering and environmental assessment costs in 2021. The preferred approved alternative for the replacement of the Teeswater River Bridge in Paisley requires the construction detour route to include the installation of a temporary bridge a short distance downstream from the existing bridge, which increases the scope and cost of the project.

2021 Speed Transition Zone Project 

The Transportation and Environmental Services Committee approved a project that will implement and review new speed limits on the Bruce County Road System and in Construction Zones in 2021-2022. The aim of the project is to address speed concerns and to increase road safety. This is another County initiative to calm traffic on roads under their jurisdiction. In addition to other implemented traffic calming measures, the County will install additional speed reduction zones in areas where the current speed reductions are in increments of 30km/h or more (ex. 80km/h to 50km/h). In 2021, the following roads will be the subject of the speed zone project: 

  • Paisley - Bruce Road 1 and Bruce Road 11 
  • Scone - Bruce Road 10
  • Burgoyne - Bruce Road 17 and Bruce Road 3
  • Tara - Bruce Road 5, Bruce Road 10 (North End)
  • Invermay - Bruce Road 17
  • Arkwright - Bruce Road 17
  • Port Elgin - Bruce Road 17
  • Dobbinton - Bruce Road 40
  • Hepworth - Bruce Road 10 and Bruce Road 8
  • Sauble Beach - Bruce Road 8
  • Colpoy’s Bay - Bruce Road 9
  • Lions Head - Bruce Road 9
  • Oliphant - Bruce Road 13
  • Red Bay - Huron Road

Stop Sign By-law Updates

The Transportation and Environmental Services Committee approved the updated Stop Sign By-law, which consolidates and updates outdated information for some intersections, and eliminates the listing of some intersecting roads no longer in Bruce County’s jurisdiction.

Capital Projects Status Report – July 2021

The 2021 capital budget for the Transportation and Environmental Services Department (TES) is $11,790,401. Approximatively $3,250,000 is expected to be carried forward from previous years capital budgets. The following lists provide a status update of the TES capital projects for 2021:

  • Cold in Place Recycling BR 3 and BR 4 east of Walkerton ($2,313,336) 
  • Micro Surfacing BR 2, 9, 19 and 29, West Road ($1,176,699)
  • Widening and Rehabilitation BR 6East Mildmay to Grey Road 10 ($150,000) 
  • Cold in Place BR8, from BR 14 to Sauble Beach - Culvert replacements only, paving deferred to 2022 ($205,708) 
  • Pulverize, pave, and safety improvement at intersection BR 8 and 13 ($31,100) 
  • Replace Storm Sewer BR 15 Inverhuron ($35,000) 
  • BR 25 Improvements and BR 33 Realignment/New Construction. Phase 3 - BR 25 Bruce St to Goderich St. - Roundabout deferred to Phase 4 ($5,433,843) 
  • BR 25 Improvements and BR 33 Realignment/New Construction. Phase 4 - BR 33 - Ridge St to Hwy 21 ($710,000)
  • BR 6 Teeswater Property settlement ($20,000) 
  • New Signage BR 12 Formosa ($33,000) 
  • KIPP Trail Kincardine, Financial Contribution ($70,000)
  • Reconstruction BR 30 Chesley ($46,000) 
  • Rehabilitate and Reconstruct West Road ($150,000) 
  • Luminaires BR 2 and BR 3 intersection ($35,000)
  • Luminaires BR 8 and BR 14 intersection ($30,000) 
  • Land Purchases at Hwy 9 and BR 1 ($54,000) 
  • West Ridge Development Kincardine Phase 1 ($10,000) 
  • Replace Durham St Bridge, BR 4, Walkerton ($50,000) 
  • Replace Steffler Bridge, BR 12 North of Belmore ($742,979) 
  • Replace Culvert BR 86 west of BR 7 ($230,500)
  • Arran Township Shed Bridge, Invermay ($78,000) 
  • Oswald Bridge Replacement ($25,000) 
  • Repair Blackwell Bridge BR 23 ($742,000) 
  • Construction New McCurdy Bridge ($12,000) 
  • Replace Superstructure Reid Bridge, BR 6, West of Teeswater ($1,290,000) 
  • Replace Teeswater River Bridge BR 3 Paisley ($340,000) 
  • Repair Culvert BR 86 Lucknow east of Havelock St ($6,500) 
  • Repair Saugeen River Bridge BR 4 West of Hanover, financial contribution only ($364,000)
  • Resurface the Rail Trail between Walkerton and Mildmay ($100,000) 
  • Expand the facilities at the Walkerton Yard ($75,000)

This publication identifies highlights from recent Bruce County Council and Committee meetings. Bruce County’s Office of the CAO maintains complete agendas and minutes from all Council and Committee meetings, which can be reviewed at