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Council / Committee Meetings – Thursday, July 14, 2022

Bruce County Council and Committees met on July 14, 2022 beginning at 9:30 AM in the Council Chambers and virtually through Teams. Video recordings of the meetings can be reviewed at

Planning & Development Committee

  • After a Public Meeting, Committee approved Bruce County Official Plan Amendment C-2021-008 (Teeswater Concrete). Report
  • Committee approved a Major Revision to the Draft Plan of Subdivision 41T-2016-02.46 (Bluewater). Report
  • Committee received a report on the Bruce County Official Plan Growth Management Amendment Update. Report

Transportation & Environmental Services Committee

  • Committee deferred an Amendment to the Carbon Credit Agreement for staff review. Report
  • Committee received a Q2 report on Capital Projects. Report
  • Committee received a report on the Summer Road Safety Campaign. Report

Executive Committee

  • Committee approved the updated Memorandum of Understanding to extend the Municipal Innovation Council until December 31, 2025 (3-year extension) and staff were directed to incorporate the required $50,000 annual MIC funding into the draft 2023 budget to support the MIC into the new 3-year extension (totaling $150,000 over the three-year extension). Report

Human Resources Committee

  • Committee approved the Human Services Financial Supervisor Job Description. Report
  • Committee approved the Employment Services Division Job Descriptions. Report

This publication identifies highlights from recent Bruce County Council and Committee meetings. Bruce County’s Office of the CAO maintains complete agendas and minutes from all Council and Committee meetings, which can be reviewed at