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Discretionary Benefits

Discretionary Benefits may be available to assist with the cost of various health and non-health related items and some exceptional one-time expenses. To be eligible for financial assistance under Discretionary Benefits, you must be a resident of Bruce County and in receipt of benefits from one of the following programs:
• Ontario Works Program (OW)
• Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
• Temporary Care Assistance (TCA)
• Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD) Program

Discretionary Benefits may be available to those who require financial assistance to purchase various health and non-health related items that are not covered under other programs/benefits or to assist with one time exceptional costs.  Discretionary benefits are not intended to cover costs associated with ongoing payments such as monthly appointments, monthly rental payments or income supplements.  Eligibility is determined based on individual needs and circumstances.  The list of eligible items/services and maximum coverage amounts are determined by the local Ontario Works program office. You may need to provide estimates or verifications from health care practitioners or other professionals to confirm costs and need. You may be eligible for financial assistance with items such as custom orthotics, CPAP related items, dentures, bath stools, mobility devices not covered by ADP, or some household related items such as cribs, car seats, mattresses and appliances.

If you are receiving Ontario Works benefits in Bruce County, please contact your Income Support Caseworker directly to apply for discretionary benefits.  For individuals who are receiving ODSP benefits and reside in Bruce County, please call 1-800-265-3022 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and indicate you are in receipt of ODSP and would like to apply for discretionary benefits. 

Burial and Cremation Assistance

If a loved one passes away, the person who is acting as the Next of Kin may apply for financial assistance toward the cost of a direct burial or direct cremation if the estate of the deceased has insufficient assets to cover such costs.


To determine eligibility, the Next of Kin will need to provide the following information for the deceased individual:

  • Bank account information; 
  • Income source(s);
  • Asset/investment information;
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN); and
  • A copy of their Birth Certificate.


The Next of Kin will not be eligible if the deceased:

  • Has a life insurance policy (regardless of the beneficiary);
  • Owns their own home/property;
  • Has an RRSP or other Investments; or
  • Has sufficient funds or assets to cover the cost of direct burial / cremation
  • If a service contract has already been signed with a funeral /burial /cremation provider or services have already been rendered


To apply for Financial Assistance for Direct Burial or Cremation, please contact Bruce County Human Services during regular business hours (Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm):

  • Please call 1-800-265-3022.
  • Speak with an Integrated Service Assistant who will arrange an appointment for you with a caseworker.
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