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Strategic Community Initiatives Fund

The Strategic Community Initiatives Fund Granting Process is intended to contribute to the advancement of human services goals and priorities and/or provide specific support to low income households.

Investments will be targeted to community-based initiatives and services that complement the core services of the Human Services Department. The County of Bruce recognizes that by investing in community-based initiatives it will serve to forward strategic goals, both economic and social. Additionally the investment demonstrates the County’s commitment to strengthening the community’s capacity to be responsive to changing needs and serves to leverage additional funding sources.


The Strategic Community Initiatives Fund Granting Process will be guided by the following principles:

Alignment with Corporate Strategic Values - In particular the process will align with the corporate values of a community with regard for the high quality of life for all residents.

Accountability – The County will ensure that the funding is used for the purpose intended.

Responsiveness – An ongoing review of community needs will ensure all investments are responsive to changing needs in the community.


The granting process will allow for the County of Bruce to invest in initiatives that support the priorities of the County as outlined in the Strategic Plan or Departmental Business Plan or mandate and/or other priorities identified in Council endorsed planning initiatives.

The Strategic Community Initiatives Fund Granting Process expands the capacity of the community to address gaps in services and/or unmet needs of low-income residents in Bruce County to strengthen the service system.


The Department will call for proposals annually based on available funds. Proposals may make a request for multi-year funding; however funding will be confirmed annually through the budget process.


Initiatives receiving funding will have a mandate that benefits residents of the County of Bruce and in particular fit with the departmental mandates and/or business goals and strategies. The initiative/program should use demographic data, best practices and other research to inform the planning and or service initiative. The funded initiatives should not duplicate existing services/planning unless it is established that the duplication is justified and appropriate.


An annual activity report will be submitted, to understand the impact of the initiative and funding and to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and leverage other opportunities to increase community capacity.


The Director or Business and Human Services Integration Manager, Human Services, County of Bruce

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Tina Metcalfe

Director Human Services

Department: Human Services

Location: Walkerton Administration Centre

Tel : 1-800-265-3022

Contact us

Wendy Woods

Business & Human Services Integration Manager

Department: Human Services

Location: Walkerton Administration Centre

Tel : 1-800-265-3022


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