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Bruce County Official Plan

As a "upper tier" County government, land use planning responsibilities include administration and application of policies found in the Bruce County Official Plan.

County Official Plan Amendment C-2022-006

An Amendment to the County Official Plan is proposed. The purpose and effect of the proposed amendments to the Bruce County Official Plan is to update policies for Community Improvement Plans(CIPs), complete application requirements for Site Plan applications, and Additional Residential Units (ARUs) in accordance with local and provincial planning direction. The proposed changes will help promote public and private investment in community improvement, clarify site plan application requirements, and promote affordable housing.

The proposed changes would:

  1. Add new policies for Additional Residential Units to allow Local Official Plans to address issues related to driveways, parking and setbacks.
  2. Add new policies for Community Improvement Plans to clarify that Community Improvement Plans can be made for anywhere in Bruce County in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act.
  3. Provide new policy wording to reference complete application requirements for Site Plan Control applications to ensure recent Planning Act changes can be implemented by the County and local municipalities.

The amendment would apply across Bruce County.

Bruce County Official Plan

The purpose of the Bruce County Official Plan is to establish a policy framework to guide the physical, social and economic development of the County and to protect the natural environment within the County to the year 2021. Through this Official Plan it is County Council's intent to:

  • achieve an orderly pattern of settlement;
  • protect and conserve good agricultural land;
  • protect and when possible enhance the quality of the natural environment;
  • encourage economic development and prosperity; and
  • encourage necessary social, cultural and educational facilities and services.

The County Official Plan was subject to a Five Year Review as per the requirements of the Planning Act. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing approved with modifications the Five Year Review in 2010. Portions of the Ministry approval of the Five Year Review are currently [September 2010] under appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board. Those portions of the Plan under appeal are noted where required in the text.

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