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Bruce County Active Transportation and Recreational Trails Master Plan

The purpose of this survey is to collect information for the future development of trails in Bruce County.  This will include recreational trails and active transportation.

Please take notice that Bruce County has launched the Active Transportation and Recreational Trails Master Plan Survey and we would like your input on how the future of trails are shaped in the county.

The survey will focus on active transportation like cycling routes and on recreational trails within county forests. The County recognizes that a well-connected active transportation and recreational trail network will enable residents to make healthy choices and attract tourism and economic growth to the County.

The Active Transportation and Recreational Trails Master Plan will provide a framework for improving, and building upon, the County’s existing trail network and identify where new trails should be constructed and how construction should be phased. The Master Plan will align with the recently completed Transportation Master Plan and will build on the existing active transportation and recreational trail networks.

Current assets that are managed and maintained by the county include the Bruce County Rail Trail which extends 85 km from Port Elgin to Bruce Power and from Port Elgin through the communities of Paisley, Walkerton, and Mildmay to the Huron-Bruce Road. County Forest Trails include the Brant Tract, Carrick Tract, Lindsay Tract, and MTB Park, which provides a variety of multi-use activities such as mountain biking, hiking, cross county skiing, and equestrian use.

For your reference, a map of trails throughout Bruce County can be found here.

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