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Traffic Calming

The Bruce County Transportation and Environmental Services Department
follows the best management practices of the Transportation Association of Canada
and the Ontario Traffic Act.
traffic calming roadway narrowing

Bruce County’s road network provides safe, direct access across the County and allows road users to travel in a safe, timely manner. Occasionally, there may be a requirement to reduce roadway user speed by utilizing traffic calming measures. Traffic calming involves safety measures that reduce speed and encourages safe driving for all road users.

Traffic calming may:

  • Reduce collision frequency and severity
  • Improve safety for drivers and pedestrians
  • Reduce or increase traffic-related noise


Some of the more common traffic calming measures in Bruce County include:

  • Roadway Narrowing (e.g. vertical centreline treatment, pavement markings)
  • Education (speed display devices)
  • Horizontal changes to the road (including visual lane narrowing paint)
  • Vertical changes to the road (speed bumps)


Traffic calming is not appropriate for every road and community in Bruce County. Reported traffic concerns will be evaluated individually, and if required, traffic calming may be implemented.

For any urgent safety issues or to report an impaired driver, please call emergency services at 911.


Once you report a traffic concern, County staff will review it to access what actions need to be taken. Staff will collect traffic speed data and volume to determine if traffic calming measures are warranted. You will receive a follow up email to confirm that the traffic concern has been received.

For any urgent safety issues or to report an impaired driver, please call emergency services at 911.

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Traffic Calming Measures in Bruce County

While Bruce County staff have no jurisdiction over OPP staff, we inform them of problem areas. This helps them to provide accurate and productive enforcement on county roads.
In some cases, educating drivers can be an effective tool to slow traffic. Bruce County regularly deploys radar signs that flash the drivers speed and lets them know they need to slow down. These signs remain effective for short periods of time, so you may notice that they move around from one location to another to avoid drivers getting used to them being in one place.
One of the more common methods of achieving roadway narrowing is the usage of vertical centerline treatment devices. These devices are mounted in the center of the road to give drivers a perception of narrowing and create a sense of constriction. They are collapsible and have the ability to withstand impact from a vehicle and are designed to flex under large equipment if absolutely necessary at slow speeds. Another method of narrowing is to utilize traffic marking paint directly on the road surface. This is called visual lane narrowing and creates a sense of constriction, while having no effect on large equipment travelling through the area.
Speed humps are a vertical structure spanning the width of the roadway, designed to slow vehicle speeds. While speed humps are effective, they are not suitable in most locations on Bruce County roads.