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Teeswater River Bridge (Paisley)

Temporary bridge construction began in May 2022. The existing bridge location will be closed from August 2022 to October 2023 for demolition and construction. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we complete this important infrastructure work in Bruce County.
Paisley Bridge


The existing bridge location will be closed from August 10, 2022 to October 2023 during construction. The project started in May 2022 with the construction of a temporary bridge that will connect Goldie Street and Church Street, over the Saugeen River, and serve as the connecting detour for motorists and pedestrians in Paisley.

Semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and agricultural equipment are to avoid crossing at the bridge in Paisley during the construction period due to the tight turns of the in-town detour. Businesses using large trucks for shipments and deliveries are encouraged to make alternative route plans to avoid the in-town detour.

Projected Timeline

  • Temporary Bridge Construction - Completed
  • Temporary Bridge in Operation - August 2022 to Late October 2023
  • Old Bridge Demolition/New Bridge Construction - August 2022 to Late October 2023
  • New Infrastructure Construction North of New Bridge - Started in 2023
  • Temporary Bridge Demolition - Starting in Late October 2023


Teeswater River Bridge Site Plans

Alternate Truck Routes Map

Teeswater River Bridge Project - Alternate Truck Routes Map

Paisley is Open For Business

The artistic village of Paisley and its businesses are still open for all to visit, shop, dine and enjoy during bridge construction! You can find answers to frequently asked questions here.

A variety of events and festivals in Paisley are planned for the coming year. You can find the events list here.

Paisley entrepreneurs and business owners looking for free guidance, resources and supports should reach out to Business to Bruce:
•    Phone 1-800-268-3838
•    Email at 
•    Request a conversation

Environmental Assessment (Class EA)

Bruce County completed a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process to consider options associated with replacement of the Teeswater River Bridge. Paisley and area residents and businesses were invited to explore two virtual public information sessions about the replacement of the Teeswater River Bridge, located on Bruce Road 3 in Paisley. There were no negative impacts identified with the project that could not be mitigated. A preferred alternative for the bridge design and detour has now been selected. 

The proposed bridge will be a two-span structure with wider sidewalks and viewing platforms on both sides. The railing will also be designed with a lower parapet wall and decorative railing to allow unobstructed views of the river. An in-town temporary detour route was selected for local traffic to minimize impacts to residents and the commercial district during reconstruction of the bridge.

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