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We like to think of Bruce County in threes: you can find fresh produce by 8:00 a.m. in the farm country around Huron-Kinloss, drive up the coast and do a little surfing after lunch and reach the trails and vistas of the peninsula by evening. And that's just day one - good things in threes keep coming when you choose to activate your curiosity on the peninsula, in the bread basket and along the lakeshore of Bruce County...

Peninsula Living

"The explorer’s natural playground"
It took millions of years for sediments to compress into the richly-layered, rugged coastline of the Bruce Peninsula. It will only take you a few moments on your first day here to realize how untouched it remains. From small villages encased in ancient forests, to meandering trails and coastline, much of it remains authentically beautiful, rugged and untouched. The explorer’s natural playground found right in Bruce County…

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Lakeshore Living

“Countless waves brush upon sandy beaches”

Living on the water with a sandy beach, quaint shops and unique eateries instills a sense of community, inner peace and playfulness that few other experiences match. This is only the start of the Bruce County Lakeshore experience. Find countless waves to revive the human spirit in Bruce County…

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Rural Interior Living

“An entire bread basket of fresh goodies”

The “bread basket” interior of Bruce County offers an extra special treat. Fresh produce, dairy and meat is cultivated by thousands of farmers on an expanse of land as far as the eye can see. Each community is tight-knit and lively. Pick your favourite activity to burn off those calories…

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