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Explore the Bruce

Explore the Bruce is like a passport to adventure. Learn all you need to know about visiting Bruce, exploring the nooks and crannies and coming away enriched from the experience. Explore The Bruce is your portal to great memories...

Hike the path less travelled; breathe in gorgeous sunsets on sandy beaches; surge through forests on two-wheels or splash in a Great Lake! It will only take you your first day here to realize that this is the explorer's natural playground. Welcome to where we live...

Plan your next adventure by downloading the 101 Places to Explore.

101 Places to Explore in Bruce County

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Explore the Bruce

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Sunsets, rocks, beaches, cliffs, fresh-picked produce, countless campsites, bagpipers, fly-fishing, shipwrecks, music everywhere, culture everywhere in between, amazing chefs, trails and the world biosphere...