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Waste Management

Waste Management responsibilities for Bruce County are shared between the local municipalities and the County. Local municipalities own and operate their waste management facilities and are responsible for garbage and recycling collection services. The County manages the Hazardous Waste Collection Program and assists in education and monitoring of waste diversion and disposal programs.
Important Notes

The lower tier municipalities are responsible for managing landfill sites, waste collection and the blue box program. During this unprecedented time, municipalities are making decisions to reduce and/or limit specific waste management programs (including landfill site hours of operation).

Please contact your municipality directly to receive up to date information on the services offered at this time.

Waste Management Services

Bruce County is at one with nature; our environment is both our escape and our attraction - so protecting it and managing our impact on this treasure is our shared responsibility.

Waste Management Programs



Although household batteries comprise only 1% of total waste sent to our municipal landfills, they are responsible for between 50%-70% of all heavy metals found in landfills.

Electronic Waste

Most parts of electronic items such as steel, glass, copper, aluminium, plastics and precious metals can be recovered and made into new products.


From Garbage to Garden Composting is an easy way to recycle and can be done right at home. Approximately 30 % of waste that ends up in our landfills are materials that could be composted.

Blue Box Recycling

Blue box recycling is offered through curbside collection and recycling depots throughout Bruce County.