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Planning Inquiries and Consultations

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Do I need an inquiry?

If you are looking for information about a property including what it is designated or zoned, you can locate the property by using the online public maps available here.  

You can find information about plans and by-laws, and who to reach out to for help with permitted uses and provisions on the Official Plans and Zoning By-laws

If your inquiry relates to creating lots or adding uses to a property that are not currently permitted, or the building department has notified you that an application is required to address specific provisions for your development project, you’re in the right place! 

If you are looking for a zoning compliance letter, please reach out to the building department at the municipality where the property is located.

What is an inquiry or consultation? 

Inquiries typically involve a staff review of a proposal and direction in terms of the types of applications required, information you need to complete or prepare to submit with the application, and an indication, if known, of key planning considerations that may affect the likelihood of success. Inquiries are a good starting point for projects like a minor variance or zoning amendment where you have already spoken to the Municipality, there is a change within an existing zone, or you are creating a lot. 

Pre-Submission Consultation is like an inquiry and may come after an inquiry for larger projects such as multiple lot creation by consent, subdivision, or condominium, or changing to a new zone.  Pre-submission consultation typically involves a meeting with County and local staff and may include external agencies and stakeholders.  The outcome of pre-submission consultation is a summary of the meeting and direction in terms of the types of applications required, information you need to complete or prepare to submit with the application, next steps including terms of reference for studies that may be required and an indication, if known, of key planning considerations that may affect the likelihood of success of the application. 

To recognize the cost, and the value, that is provided through the inquiry and pre-submission consultation process, fees may apply: 

If you do not currently own property or reside in Bruce County, Inquiries are subject to a $50 fee.  

All Pre-submission Consultations are subject to a $200 fee.  

Making Inquiry or Pre-submission consultation requests 

Please complete the inquiry form and send it in with a site plan that outlines what you are trying to achieve. The more information you can share, the better we can help. 

Bruce County Property Owners: if the property you own or reside at is different from the address you are inquiring about, include the address or roll number for that property in the email.  

Email the form to the hub that serves the municipality of interest, with your name, property address and municipality in the subject line. 

Or you can mail it to the Hub address on the inquiry form. 

If your inquiry includes payment, please submit the inquiry together with a cheque (preferred), money order, or cash (exact amount), to: 

Bruce County Planning Inquiries
PO Box 848 30 Park St, Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0 

Drop boxes are also located at each of the hub addresses listed on the form.  

If you know of inquiry number that we have assigned, please include it with the submission. 

Bruce County is actively working on a solution for online payment, however, online or telephone payments are not available at this time.  


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