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Housing Stability

The Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) aims to prevent, address and reduce homelessness by improving access to adequate, suitable and affordable housing that is linked to flexible support services based on peoples’ needs.

Through HPP the YMCA helps to provide emergency homelessness supports for overnight stays and assistance in finding permanent affordable housing. If you are homeless please contact the YMCA at 519-371-9230

The Housing Stability Fund was developed to provide assistance with rent and utility arrears, first or last month’s rent and moving expenses. An application for the Housing Stability Fund can be found by clicking here and additional documentation can be emailed to

If you require assistance with your application or have questions please call 1-800-265-3005

HPP provides funding for the Community Support Program to deliver support in the resolution of tenant and community issues. This includes: providing services to prevent tenant evictions; assisting with the quality of life of tenants; developing and maintaining a cooperative and partnership-based working relationship between local community service providers; tracking and analyzing various performance indicators and reporting on the successes; and suggesting changes to improve the outcomes of individuals and families served to prevent homelessness and maintain affordable housing.


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