Road Construction and Maintenance

The Transportation and Environmental Services Department is responsible for construction and maintenance projects on roads, bridges and other structures under their jurisdiction throughout Bruce County,

Highway construction

Driving Safely Through Construction Zones
Did you know…fines are now doubled for speeding in a construction zone when workers are present?
Plan your route and allow extra travel time, and expect the unexpected
Slow Down
Slow down to the posted speed limits and pay attention, and keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you
Keep Your Eyes On the Road

  • Pay Attention
  • Never use a cell phone or text while driving
  • Stay focused on the road and remove all distractions
  • Follow signs and traffic control person’s directions
  • Watch for workers, new signs or uneven pavement

Obey the Signs
Signs contain important information that warns motorists or provides them with essential information about the work ahead, traffic conditions, road closures and detours. 

Share the roads with construction workers and make safety your priority.

Speeding is Dangerous & Costly

Keep our roads safe and observe the lower speed limits posted in construction zones. Fines are doubled for speeding in a construction zone when workers are present.

Bruce County Road Network Service Levels

To have a clear picture of the road network services and at what level these services are provided, a table has been created.  Please click on the link above.

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Transportation and Environmental Services
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