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Bruce Road 25 and Bruce Road 33

The County and the Town of Saugeen Shores completed a Master Plan for Roads and Drainage for Bruce Road 25 and 33 in May 2017.

The reconstruction of Bruce Road 25 (Phase 1) was completed in 2019 and Phase 2 was completed in 2020. In 2021 construction of Bruce Road 25 (Phase 3) will be undertaken between Ridge Street and Goderich St. Please note there will no longer be a roundabout constructed at Bruce Road 25 and future Ridge St during this phase of the work. It is intended that the roundabout will now be constructed during phase 4.

Environmental Assessment information relating to Bruce Road 33 (Phase 4) is progressing as outlined below.

The County identified various deficiencies with its road and drainage infrastructure within the Bruce Road 25 and 33 study area. Through initial discussions with the Town, other related issues having a broader scope emerged which the County considered at a Master Planning level to ensure individual projects are completed in context with an appropriate overall plan. The Master Plan was conducted under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) project planning process.The County and Town of Saugeen Shores completed a Master Plan for Roads and Drainage for Bruce Road 25 and 33 in May 2017. The outcome of the Master Plan included a number of projects that would take place over a four-year period in phases.

Master Plans for Roads & Drainage - Bruce Road 25 & 33

Notice of Completion - May 2017

The four phases include:

Installation of a storm sewer from 300m east of Bruce Road 33 (future Ridge St) to Saugeen Beach Road and a full urbanized road section from Bruce Road 33 to Saugeen Beach Road

Phase 1 includes the installation of a storm sewer on the north side of Bruce Road 25, and will involve a new Active Transportation Route once construction is complete.

Phase 1 work is has been awarded and the information below provides additional details regarding the 2019 reconstruction project.

Installation of storm sewer and improvement to sanitary and watermain between future Ridge St. and Bruce Road 33, including a full urbanized road section.

Bruce Road 25 Notice

August 24, 2020 Bruce Road 25 Public Notice Road Closed

Based on the outcome of a Schedule B Environmental Assessment  - between Goderich Street and the future Bruce Street. 

The Schedule B Environmental Assessment is completed for the construction of Bruce Road 33

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